Meet Alain Kajangwe, Founder & CEO, WiredIn (based in Kigali, Rwanda)

Alain Kajangwe, is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and Founder and CEO of WiredIn. WiredIn is a software development company providing innovative tech solutions in Rwanda and abroad. To learn more about how WiredIn came to be, check out the spotlight below.

How did you get involved in the start-up space? What was your journey?

In August 2011, I got an opportunity to work as a freelance software developer for a Tokyo based software development company. The Founder and CEO of that Tokyo company was looking for an alternative place to outsource some of his projects. We were connected by a mutual friend and started working together very regularly from that point on. As the time went by and the projects became numerous and bigger in scope, we both started discussing ways we could create a company in Rwanda [which led to the establishment of WiredIn in 2014].

What are the values that drive your business?

Customer-centric, where it is understood that without customers there is no business. An understanding that there is no technical task too daunting, and that with time and clear focus any technical issues or tasks can be solved.

What is your vision for WiredIn (2020 and beyond)?

Our vision for 2020 is to continue growing as a company (currently the company has 16 software developers, and we’re looking to grow the team further in 2020). Our vision and goals also still remain the same, and that is to gradually continue positioning Rwanda as another alternative for offshore business, where clients across the world can feel confident to outsource some of their software development needs to us.  And with our growing technical skills and confidence, we also seek to position WiredIn at the forefront of local innovation in Rwanda and in the region.

How can people get in touch with you to inquire about your services?

You can get in touch with us, via the following email addresses: /
You can also visit our website at:

**No matter where you are in the world, WiredIn is ready to help you with your software development needs. Contact them today for further information.**