On May 28, 2020, we were honoured to have an Instagram live chat with Moses Mutabaruka, Founder of TAP Media Ltd. [@tapmagazine]. We thought we’d share a few highlights from our conversation.

Moses touched on how COVID-19 has impacted the creative industry and offered his thoughts on how we as consumers can support the continued growth and sustainability of this sector in Africa and beyond. Below are a few points:

  • There’s a need for on-going data collection and greater infrastructure to better support the creative sector.
  • Consumers being intentional about creating a global demand for African products and services will make a difference. We as consumers are “the backbone of the creative industry” (Moses). Investments are made where there is demand.
  • Supporting Africa’s creative industry provides employment opportunities for numerous groups both in the formal and informal sectors.
  • Seeing failure/mistakes as growth opportunities. Let us not easily give up on our African-owned businesses. Provide constructive feedback to businesses with grace, patience and optimism.
  • The importance of leveraging collaboration for shared success and sustainability. (We need each other).

Moses left us with a lot to chew on, we certainly have not captured it all here. We hope to keep these conversations going with Moses and others in the creative industry. If there are any creatives you believe we need to feature/connect with, please drop us a note at info@rwandapreneur.com.

In the meantime, to learn more about TAP Media, click here.

Until next time, stay well and safe!